The first stanza of this poem is paraphrased from the fine song, “Coast of High Barbary,” by Joseph Arthur.  One verse from the song inspired me to write this so I wanted to give the proper credit.  The rest of it, as with everything else I write, is 100% original and 0% true.  The two-line stanzas between the asterisks are the chorus for the crew so feel free to sing along!


“A Look Into the Life of a Pirate”


No privateer, no merchant, no man-of-war is me.

I be a salty pirate from the coast of Barbary!

I rape and I pillage and take what I want for free.

I have my choice of ladies, I’m the pirate called Rusty.


Yo-ho…Yo-ho…Drink up me hearties yo-ho!!

He be a fierce and nasty pirate and that’s a fact that you better damn know!


Me and me crew drink rum and grog at every island bar.

We like to eat raw oysters but only in months that end in E  R.

When I steer my ship I drink me moonshine from a mason jar.

Then I sail into the sunset and watch the twinkling stars.


Yo-ho…Yo-ho…Drink up me hearties woo-hoo!!

If you cross Rusty the Pirate ‘tis the last thing you’ll ever do.


I like to bed the ladies who wear sexy high-heeled shoes.

I will steal your diamond necklace after I make sweet love to you.

I take – I do not bargain – ‘cause I ain’t no bearded Jew.

I be the one and only Rusty, best friend of the bear named Pooh.


Yo-ho…Yo-ho…Drink up me hearties for real!!

Rusty will steal your wife and then he’ll make her squeal.


I’m wanted in twenty countries and should be wanted in twenty more.

Sometimes I like Colombian coke but sometimes I prefer their whores.

I once smoked cigars with Castro but found him a commie bore.

I was accused of poisoning Chavez but that may be pirate lore.


Yo-ho…Yo-ho…Drink up me hearties yar-har!!

His fame grows every day – Rusty is feared near and far.


It’s me, me crew, me parrot Buster and me little dog named Groo.

We sleep late every day and then do whatever we want to do.

I braid me beard with rubies, ‘tis not a rumor I swear ‘tis true.

I’m a happy pirate living me life sailing the ocean blue.


Yo-ho…Yo-ho…Drink up me hearties yee-hee!!

His name is Rusty the Pirate, he’s the scourge of the seven seas.


My name be Rusty the pirate I’m the scourge of the seven seas.

Drink up me hearties yo-ho!


Russell Yale


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